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GPS coordinates of anything in Europe

If you want details on places to stay such as Hotels, Bed and breakfast, Gites, Chambre d'hotes and campsites throughout Europe you will find them here. The difference is that each comes with detailed location maps and their GPS coordinates to make them easy to find using your satelite navigation system.

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GPS or Sat Nav (satelite navigation) systems are becoming ever more common, both as units permanently fitted in cars and as portable units suitable for cars, motorbikes, boats and bicycles. They are now also very accurate, in most cases down to 5-10 metres.

Having travelled many thousands of miles around Europe, both by car and by motorbike, staying at bed & breakfasts, hotels and Gites, I know how difficult they can be to find at the best of times. Add to this, the fact that the place you are trying to find at night, in the rain, and when you are tired after a long journey, is up a long country lane in the middle of nowhere, you start to understand the benefit of a GPS! With your trusty Sat Nav and the coordinates of your intended stopover, life is a great deal easier.

Everything about this site is built around GPS coordinates, whether it be accommodation, places of interest or route planning. I hope you find it of help to you, and if you do, perhaps you could add your mark to the site by sending in details of places you have stayed and been; with their GPS coordinates of course!

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