Important tools for the travel junkie

February 23rd, 2015 | Eddie


There are many ways to stay safe and alive while visiting South Florida, or yet any part of the world.  Being an avid traveler I have come across situations where I wish I had this or that in handy.



Let’s get down and messy with a couple of those “this and that” that would have made my trips a little easier and convinient.

Let’s begin with the most powerful tool in the world…a cellular phone!

If you can name one adult (and now in days we can include children as-well that does not own a phone, you are a living legend and you are twisting the truth.

A cellular phone comes in handy in so many ways and more…

Let’s say you are out of town and you forgot your lights on, than after a few days the light bulb pops, throwing electrical sparks and causing a small fire…your neighbor smells something coming from your home and calls 911, than the firefighters come into your home by breaking the door, wiping out the ‘small’ fire, and now what are you left with?  a broken down door, a bulb chandelier needing replacement by a professional electrician, and a neighbor confused on what happened and how to get a hold of you.

bombillo roto

Bottom line is, I wish I had on my cell my neighbors contact, my phone programmed to turn lights on/off for those times I “left too quickly” , my local and trusty electricians’number to get the job done while I was away and of course an automatic video that captured all those (supposedly) hot firefighters wiping away the fire…

marcando el cell

You see, a cell phone isn’t enough if you aren’t using its tools correctly!  Now got get your peeps numbers and save them on contacts for your next freak accident!


Can your driver take you around without GPS?

January 9th, 2015 | Eddie

Sometimes I wonder how people used to move around in this word without a Gps? I’m a city boy and driving in big cities without a gps can be very challenging and before gps were around on smart phone I already had a  Garmin console that I used to take around the city, I even had the power of going into their website and download different cities if I was traveling or something….ultra cool right?


Now that I know my way around South Florida, sometimes I wonder if whats the percentage of people that constantly use a gps to move around not only here in Florida but also all around the world.

We can not forget that Christopher Columbus discover America with a compass ….not a gps, and Marco Polo also went around have of the world with no electronic devices.

The other day I asked my sister to take me to a appointment I had on the other side of the city for a business proposal I had done to potential client and the first she did when I got in the car was to ask me the address to  input in to her gps on her car and I ask her….

if I give you the do you think that you can make to this destination with no gps help? and her answer was Hell Nooo! the second thing she told me was that we can always try if I had at least 3 hours available before we maybe get there and of course I declined and proceed to input the address on her gps. we got there on time save and sound.

I like to pimp my Saturday nights and usually get the services of a limousine company that’s been service south Miami for several years and are always on time when I call them, know more, we were a group of 12 and we wanted to go to 4 different places that are not very popular and in different cities within Miami.


my friend ask the limo driver if he needed all the addresses written down for him to input his gps and his only reply was “just tell me the address and I will take you there with electronic help” In our mind that was very challenging since we knew that this places weren’t very popular.

The first place was a breezed for him….he actually  knew exactly where the place was and on the second stop we just yelled the address and he replied “copy that” and took us there without making a wrong turn not even once….the third place was a completely different story, he went around 3 times until my friend realized that she had giving him the wrong address@ boom!! he was right on target all along and he didn’t miss a bit to get to the 4th place! that’s when we realized that he is a blessed Human GPS.

Dare you to tour Florida state without a GPS

January 9th, 2015 | Eddie

Welcome to my  new blog where we will be sharing all the ideas about touring the beautiful Florida state with and without GPS help.