Still get lost with or without GPS in Miami.

September 14th, 2016 | Eddie

Living in an amazing city like Miami is sometimes overwhelming when it comes to driving around and finding ways to get to places the more affordable way.

When I say affordable I mean time affordable, because normally we are in crunch time all days every day and once we set that time clock to be in several places at the same time it can be very tedious and no only tedious buy time consuming and at the same time frustrating.



Let’s say for instance last monday I decided to visit several clients of mine, run some errands for my twin’s boys and daughter and manage to have extra time to go to the movies with my wife.

First of all, I have to leave the house about 6am in the morning in order to visit my first client at 7 am. Once in the road started to rain and there is not more annoying situation that people driving in Miami when is raining.

The trip that was supposed to be for thirty minutes it turns out to be for an hour and fifteen minutes and of course I was late at my 7 am meeting but so was everybody else since traffic doesn’t respect where you come from or what kind of car you drive. After I finish my first meeting I had to visit my second client which was a carpet cleaning company in south Miami.

For that meeting I was on time and the people at their office were very nice to me. I didn’t realize how busy they can get on this times of rain.

People get their floors and carpets all messed up and that phone was ring without stopping. After I finished with them and went to see a roofing company that are very interested on buying the roof tiles I represent in south Florida.

The visits when very smooth after the first meeting and I was very happy to be able to fish all the visits that I plane right before 3pm just to start running the errands for my children. first I had to stop by toys r us and after that I was to go for a final visit and this is when things got complicated, with my GPS.



Since it was very cloudy I lost the signal I ended up getting lost in the middle of small thunders storms and that is when I was going to resolved the situation for my kids. It was so bad that I drove for almost an hour and I didn’t know where I was.

Thankfully, I have a good sense of location, turn off my GPS and started counting streets how you are supposed to in the case you get lost.

That was the only apparent solution to my problem at the time and by going down or up on streets numbers I managed to lower the time that I wasted being lost and cursing my stupid directions machine.

It’s amazing how much you can get lost in a big city like this one.

GPS at its Best!!!

January 11th, 2016 | Eddie


How do YOU use yours?

Recently, I have encountered the joyful experience a GPS could provide for the first time. While out on a business trip to Florida, the car I had rented had a GPS installed that was able to provide me with turn by turn directions in between many different drive-thru burger joints between Miami and Broward.

I never thought such technology would be so pleasing, however, GPS devices are more useful in areas other than directions to cardiac arrest. In particular, businesses with a mobile workforce to oversee can greatly benefit by this. Showing evident statistics that illuminate the positive impact of navigation technology is having on field service industry was provided by Motorola Enterprise Mobility recently.


Equaling an annual average of $4,362 per employee of recouped labor costs, the key finding of a study survey that more than 255 North American IT and Telecom conclusion sharpers partook in revealed approximately 45 minutes of downtime per day recovered when utilizing GPS solutions.

Our monthly feature story titled, “Unclog Your Field Service Processes”, supports a recent study that presents one of the primary reasons that enterprises are utilizing GPS technology is to better their customer service in the field. As a direct result, their productivity and cost savings are coming as an added bonus while reducing technician’s drive time 20% as well as saving fuel expenses by the millions.


Another result to Motorola’s research shows that the enterprise’s utilization of GPS could also increase their advantage by taking their GPS usage to the next level. As an example, the study reveals that most of the enterprises only use the GPS device for route optimization (25%) and navigation (30%). Whereas, a small portion of companies under the survey applied their devices for bread crumbing (3%) as well as Geo coding (2%). Proving to be more than ‘cool’ gadgets to have, GPS technologies can provide needed benefits to your businesses and you owe it to yourself to implement this technology, even if for navigation purposes alone.

Making the claim of GPS as an ideal field service strategy solid, statistical evidence of the cost efficiency and savings benefits are made apparent.

Life Choices and Directions

June 5th, 2015 | Eddie

Life Choices and Directions

Have you wondered how we are so dependable lately of the little and helpless object called the “smartphone”.

I can’t even begin to imagine how years ago people actually looked for addresses by concentrating on the house numbers and such, without the help of an automated gps! I know, can you believe people actually did that? It sounds so out of the normal and old fashioned…

I remember back then (not that I am old or anything), I am talking about only about 20 years or so, that when you asked me one of my friends phone number, or my neighbors or even the trustworthy painters that did a job at my home (maybe only 2 times) I KNEW all their numbers by heart.Believe it or not, it was actually customary to memorize and know it all by heart (or walk around with an address book – and that wasn’t happening).

I had a friend that delivered pizzas many years ago. This friend, I will call him Jerry, definitely knew his way around. Not by relying on his cell phone but actually knowing how to look up an address and getting there correctly and even knew shortcuts.

I believe that smartphones are will always be part of our lives, and yes indeed that smart phones does make our lives in many ways easier , but are smart phones making society more and more, well, lazy? Not to say dumber…keep in mind that we are not using our brains nearly a quarter of what we are able to, and now even less since we have our go-to smart phones for everything like gps, phone numbers, games, books, movies and oh so much more!

Now in days movies are seen on the smart phone instead of TVs, book are being read on the smart phone instead of an actual hard or soft cover book, instead of a good old fashion table game where the whole family sits around the table and play, together…that is so extinct, now it’s games played on your cell phone, by yourself!

The world has become so intrigued and involved with such a tool as the cell phone that we forget how to separate the difference of being lazy and unproductive and actually going the next step using nothing but your brains! Now that would be a first for this generation of “followers”.

Did you know that there are cases now in days that people suffer from anxiety attack, and of other such disorders because they just can’t bear the thought of letting their smart phones go. Instead of speaking to someone in front of you, they are speaking to their phone…hello Siri!

It is sad how in today’s society, instead of utilizing the cell phone as a tool, people are using it as a must – friend, dictionary, gps, board game, communication (text) and many other ways that simply shouldn’t be.
Think about it, can you stay without your cell phone for a whole week? How about a whole weekend? A day? An hour?

Can you even let go while you shower?

Think about it, life will pass by really fast, and you can choose to either look at a picture on your smart phone of people living your dreams or you can look up from your phone and go do it for yourself!!!

Exploring the Sunshine State…

April 23rd, 2015 | Eddie

So you are traveling soon?


South Florida?

WONDERFUL…do I have news for you!

South Florida, one of the hottest getaways due to its hot beach climate all year long and it’s hot beautiful people, all year long as well!


When you choose Miami, for example, for your destination, you are making a wise choice…I have been living here for more than 20 years and it is, without a doubt, a vacation to me every single day.

Not to rub it in, but Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Miami Beach and many more other beautiful cities in our sunshine state are not only sun-bound, we offer a great deal of cultural affairs, diversity, and much more.

131313When you look left you will hear someone speaking a different language, than you look right and another language…

Miami is home to so many individuals from so many countries around the world that it is kind of hard to find a native American born and raised in Miami.

There are plenty but you will have to look for it.

We are speaking about the daytime, the beaches and the cold drinks with the hot bodies…let’s go to the nightlife, nothing better than pulling an all-niter and waking up with the sunrise rising in the beach!


The clubs here are crazy fun and super interesting, you will find different places playing different sounds such as reggae, merengue, salsa, bachata, hip hop, country, techno, house music, trance, rap and much more…remember that here we are a D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y where we all are different but yet we become one when the music starts playing.

Another really cool thing that is starting here in South Florida is the new way businesses are offering everyone and anyone who is interested in FREE WiFi, now who isn’t?

This is called Proximity Marketing, which is the first and most advanced direct response marketing that will monetized your FREE WI-Fi Services…

Say what?(If you must know than just click here know-it-all)

Who cares about how anyways, all we care for is that it’s free and that when we put in our phone number to get the free access code for the wifi, we are given at random times special promotions and once in a lifetime deals to our favorite restaurants, shops, specialty stores and much more.

Watch out mobile peeps (A.K.A. everyone), the new mobile age has just gotten tech happy!

Important tools for the travel junkie

February 23rd, 2015 | Eddie


There are many ways to stay safe and alive while visiting South Florida, or yet any part of the world.  Being an avid traveler I have come across situations where I wish I had this or that in handy.



Let’s get down and messy with a couple of those “this and that” that would have made my trips a little easier and convinient.

Let’s begin with the most powerful tool in the world…a cellular phone!

If you can name one adult (and now in days we can include children as-well that does not own a phone, you are a living legend and you are twisting the truth.

A cellular phone comes in handy in so many ways and more…

Let’s say you are out of town and you forgot your lights on, than after a few days the light bulb pops, throwing electrical sparks and causing a small fire…your neighbor smells something coming from your home and calls 911, than the firefighters come into your home by breaking the door, wiping out the ‘small’ fire, and now what are you left with?  a broken down door, a bulb chandelier needing replacement by a professional electrician, and a neighbor confused on what happened and how to get a hold of you.

bombillo roto

Bottom line is, I wish I had on my cell my neighbors contact, my phone programmed to turn lights on/off for those times I “left too quickly” , my local and trusty electricians’number to get the job done while I was away and of course an automatic video that captured all those (supposedly) hot firefighters wiping away the fire…

marcando el cell

You see, a cell phone isn’t enough if you aren’t using its tools correctly!  Now got get your peeps numbers and save them on contacts for your next freak accident!


Can your driver take you around without GPS?

January 9th, 2015 | Eddie

Sometimes I wonder how people used to move around in this word without a Gps? I’m a city boy and driving in big cities without a gps can be very challenging and before gps were around on smart phone I already had a  Garmin console that I used to take around the city, I even had the power of going into their website and download different cities if I was traveling or something….ultra cool right?


Now that I know my way around South Florida, sometimes I wonder if whats the percentage of people that constantly use a gps to move around not only here in Florida but also all around the world.

We can not forget that Christopher Columbus discover America with a compass ….not a gps, and Marco Polo also went around have of the world with no electronic devices.

The other day I asked my sister to take me to a appointment I had on the other side of the city for a business proposal I had done to potential client and the first she did when I got in the car was to ask me the address to  input in to her gps on her car and I ask her….

if I give you the do you think that you can make to this destination with no gps help? and her answer was Hell Nooo! the second thing she told me was that we can always try if I had at least 3 hours available before we maybe get there and of course I declined and proceed to input the address on her gps. we got there on time save and sound.

I like to pimp my Saturday nights and usually get the services of a limousine company that’s been service south Miami for several years and are always on time when I call them, know more, we were a group of 12 and we wanted to go to 4 different places that are not very popular and in different cities within Miami.


my friend ask the limo driver if he needed all the addresses written down for him to input his gps and his only reply was “just tell me the address and I will take you there with electronic help” In our mind that was very challenging since we knew that this places weren’t very popular.

The first place was a breezed for him….he actually  knew exactly where the place was and on the second stop we just yelled the address and he replied “copy that” and took us there without making a wrong turn not even once….the third place was a completely different story, he went around 3 times until my friend realized that she had giving him the wrong address@ boom!! he was right on target all along and he didn’t miss a bit to get to the 4th place! that’s when we realized that he is a blessed Human GPS.

Dare you to tour Florida state without a GPS

January 9th, 2015 | Eddie

Welcome to my  new blog where we will be sharing all the ideas about touring the beautiful Florida state with and without GPS help.